Telemetry in Hyperledger projects

Brian Behlendorf

Hi all,

The Linux Foundation recently updated its policy on the collection of telemetry data by LF-hosted projects:

Basically: there are issues with telemetry that are not obvious at first.  If we really want to do it, we would need to obtain permission from the Linux Foundation.  I can see value in doing it - it'd be nice to report on how many running instances and networks are running out there.  But if we want to do it, we should figure out a coordinated way to do it, and get that vetted & approved by the LF.

I'm not aware of any HL projects currently using it; if there are, let's talk about how you're doing it and how best to support it.



Brian Behlendorf
Executive Director, Hyperledger
Twitter: @brianbehlendorf

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