FAQ: What does Condorcet mean by "your ballot will be visible"?

Ry Jones

The page that you vote on says:
Your ballot (the rankings you assign to choices) will be visible in the poll results when the poll ends.

This has caused confusion. I cannot see your specific ballots; the email says:

Your privacy will not be violated by voting. The voting service has already destroyed the record of your email address and will not release any information about whether or how you have voted.

Here is what I see in the UI, which makes this more clear:
Write-in choices are not allowed.
Detailed ballot reporting is enabled.
Voter identities will be kept anonymous

I only know in aggregate how many eligible voters there are, and how many have voted. I do not know, and cannot tell, who has voted or how they have voted.

Ry Jones
Community Architect, Hyperledger

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