Re: New TSC candidates

Shawn Amundson

Thanks Dan, very kind. I agree that Andi, Gari, and Tracy would be excellent TSC representatives.

In addition, here is a shout out for all the other code-contributing maintainers as well: please vote for maintainers! It is important that the projects have deep technical representation on the TSC, and the best way to do that is to vote for maintainers. Several of the maintainers on the list are fairly quiet and not well-known, but have substantial personal investment in building Hyperledger's codebase. All the maintainers on the list are great to work with. Vote for them!



On Mon, Aug 26, 2019 at 11:10 AM Middleton, Dan <dan.middleton@...> wrote:

I would like to highlight a few of the candidates who have not previously been on the TSC, but whom I would be happy to see on the TSC based on my direct knowledge of their extensive contributions.


Andrea Gunderson is one of the most prolific contributors in Hyperledger. Her development work on the web assembly engine, Sabre, stands out for both its technical sophistication and relevance to cross project interests. What you will not know from her bio and pitch is that she is very detail and delivery oriented. I’m confident that if elected to the TSC, Ms. Gunderson will arrive informed and prepared to increase the velocity of the TSC.


Gari Singh should be familiar to most involved with Fabric. Like Ms. Gunderson, Mr. Singh is a long time maintainer and prolific developer. As Fabric embodies different architectural priorities than the other frameworks, I do not believe that Mr. Singh’s technical opinions will always align with my own, but I do anticipate that the TSC will be better for his participation.


Tracy Kuhrt should be familiar to all of the project communities. Not only has she made direct contributions, but as one of the original community architects, Ms. Kuhrt has been exposed to the full breadth of Hyperledger. In fact, I believe that she has a unique breadth and depth of contribution to Hyperledger that the TSC should not be without. 


Shawn Amundson has worked across several projects and may be familiar to different portions of our Hyperledger Community. I view him as the initiator of the cross-project effort now called Transact (among substantial contributions to several other projects). He is an ardent proponent of open source principles and championed the adoption of the Rust project’s RFC process which has been independently adopted by several of our projects. 


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