Re: Nominations for the 2019-2020 TSC are open

Brian Behlendorf

To clarify, if you are a contributor, and did not get that email, THEN use that form to apply for contributor status so we can count you as a voter (and you can run for TSC), as we may have missed you using the automated tools at our disposal.

I would strongly encourage anyone who is an occasional-or-more contributor to any Hyperledger project, even if in non-technical ways, and who cares about the operations and health of the overall community, to consider running for the TSC.  It is true that the T and the S stand for "Technical Steering", and that often expresses itself in very technical discussions about the merits of new proposed projects or how best to use our different tools. You should be technical enough to keep up with the kinds of discussions you've seen here and on the calls and feel confident in voting when required. You also need to be able to attend most of those 10am ET Thursday calls.  :)  But it's not intended that the TSC be a map to the 11 most prolific contributors by lines-of-code, nor the 11 most active senders of emails or chat messages, nor the 11 most well-traveled conference presenters.  Nor are you there to "represent" your project, or home country, or other subset constituency. You should run if you want to serve the interests of the full Hyperledger community, and the community it can grow to become.


On 8/19/19 12:18 PM, Ry Jones wrote:
Here is the nomination form:

Please read:

If you are a contributor, and you did not get this email:

Please use this form:

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