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Yes, that makes sense.  There are probably some core common elements to be queried like /block/<id> and /transaction/<id>.  Beyond elements like that, as the architectures differ so too would a UI.  For example, Transaction Families and Chaincode will probably suggest different interactions if not just different presentation logic.


Sheehan had also suggested during the call to bring this up in the protocol WG.  We could probably define a common subset of REST URIs like those above.




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Yes to a "Hyperledger Blockchain Explorer" project, with three products under their scope (I don't know if that has to mean "three repositories" - seems like one repo per project is semantically cleaner), and with a general suggestion that these three efforts find ways to combine forces, or usefully differentiate if there is good reason to.  That is, there may still be a good reason for more than one UI, but having the same team involved in both will help ensure they remain separate for good reason, like a "lite" versus "power user/admin" kind of thing.  Ideally we can all converge on one, but I would prefer to have that be a consensus of the devs rather than a requirement for graduation from Incubation.


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Could we start a project called "Hyperledger Blockchain Explorer" that started Incubation with three repos (DTCC, Intel, IBM contributions) with a goal of consolidating through incubation phase such that the goal for exiting Incubation to Active would be a single repository (or at least one release comprising of possibly a few integrated components each with their own repo)?



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Per our discussion in the TSC meeting today…

Sawtooth validators expose rest endpoints that an explorer like this one could consume.

Here’s the web api:


We have some open discussion for the next meeting on how we want to approach a unified Hyperledger explorer vs. ledger-specific explorers.  This could be an interesting first case for showing ledger interaction among the Hyperledger family of blockchains.






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I like this.  It also sounds like there may be a similar offering from IBM, detaching their Bluemix-based console from Bluemix and making it stand-alone.  Can I suggest that both efforts be combined into a new project, in a repository separate from the main Fabric repository (and thus able to set their own commiter base, release schedule, etc) combining the best of both?  That would help create a diverse developer community from the start, as well.


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Hi everyone,

I have submitted a Hyperledger Improvement proposal to TSC, to be discussed in the meeting tomorrow. The proposal is currently on the Wiki page. Would love any feedback. I have a quick demo on my github that you can check out. (The video is really fast, had to get in under 25Mb)

Thank You,
Konrad Pabjan


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