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Could we start a project called "Hyperledger Blockchain Explorer" that started Incubation with three repos (DTCC, Intel, IBM contributions) with a goal of consolidating through incubation phase such that the goal for exiting Incubation to Active would be a single repository (or at least one release comprising of possibly a few integrated components each with their own repo)?

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Per our discussion in the TSC meeting today…

Sawtooth validators expose rest endpoints that an explorer like this one could consume.

Here’s the web api:


We have some open discussion for the next meeting on how we want to approach a unified Hyperledger explorer vs. ledger-specific explorers.  This could be an interesting first case for showing ledger interaction among the Hyperledger family of blockchains.






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I like this.  It also sounds like there may be a similar offering from IBM, detaching their Bluemix-based console from Bluemix and making it stand-alone.  Can I suggest that both efforts be combined into a new project, in a repository separate from the main Fabric repository (and thus able to set their own commiter base, release schedule, etc) combining the best of both?  That would help create a diverse developer community from the start, as well.


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Hi everyone,

I have submitted a Hyperledger Improvement proposal to TSC, to be discussed in the meeting tomorrow. The proposal is currently on the Wiki page. Would love any feedback. I have a quick demo on my github that you can check out. (The video is really fast, had to get in under 25Mb)

Thank You,
Konrad Pabjan

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