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I agree with much of what Brian explained below. I too am very keen on developing broad, global support for all Hyperledger projects. I was just commenting on a PR that was providing a Chinese translation for one of the Fabric documents, that we needed to have more general support/focus for globalization, internationalization and localization of the various Hyperledger projects. that maybe we needed to establish an i18n working group to help drive that. I will be engaging the IBM globalization team - which handles translation for all IBM offerings and has a wealth of knowledge in this space - and seeking input from some of my colleagues working on internationalization of open source projects such as OpenStack and Cloud Foundry to see what we might borrow from those efforts. I would certainly hope that others in the community would be supportive and help drive such an effort.
Clearly, with technology such as Blockchain, there will be regional and national requirements that might drive specific technology choices. Hence, a project such as this that incorporates certain cryptographic standards relevant to the China market, that could be shared amongst the various Hyperledger projects as Brian suggested is another important factor for consideration.
So, clearly there is interest, but as Brian notes, we are still working through some of the thinking regarding the project proposal template and its implications for having Hyperledger support a diverse collection of top-level projects that share equally in the benefits of being a Hyperledger project. that have market relevance of their own but that fit naturally into the ecosystem surrounding Hyperledger.

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Hi Erik.  I really appreciate the effort invested in bringing this technology to the public through Hyperledger, and the engagement of the China blockchain community.  There are many issues that this proposal raises for Hyperledger for the first time, and I think it will require some further discussion amongst this community first about our proposal template and process before we know if we can accept it.  Some of this may drive a need for changes to our "Project Proposal Template", which we should iterate on anyways and get to agreement.  Let's iterate on this a bit further before we ask the TSC to approve it.

The first ones to come to mind (and I would encourage the TSC to comment below or add additional ones):

* The human language used for a project at Hyperledger may be important to consider.  I am very sensitive to concerns about "cultural dominance" that may come from standardizing on one language for development of projects at Hyperledger.  However, if our goal is to foster a community of communities, where there is code sharing between projects, and avoidance of needless duplication of effort, and other standardized terms and structure for release taxonomy or processes, then it may be a challenge to support both English and Chinese.  Also, to the degree that the Linux Foundation is responsible for the activities of the projects on our site (responsible in a legal way, as well as in terms of the quality of the community), it may be hard for us to track what's going on if it's in a language we don't understand.  However, I am very eager to support a diverse international community, and have been very impressed by the level of commitment from the Chinese blockchain community.  What do other people here think?  I will try and see what we've done at the Linux Foundation that may be related to this.  It may be more important to support an international audience than to avoid the potential for duplicated efforts.

* Trademarks.  It's very important that the name of the project, when hosted at Hyperledger, be a name that is not also a trademark owned by a particular company.  E.g., if we call it the "Hyperledger Antshares Project", in parallel to the "Hyperledger Fabric Project", then we need to know that "Antshares" as a trademark is part of HL and not also a company name.  I know your company is "OnChain", so we should be clear about what trademarks are being offered as a part of the proposal.  We should also make sure all links to further white papers, documentation, or ideas also are at Hyperledger, so it's not seen simply as Hyperledger blessing one company's project/product.  I will trust that after we've accepted the proposal, we'll work to bring it over to a hyperledger github namespace like the other two projects, and core project documents (like the white paper) will also be included.

* Diverse developer ecosystem.  It is important that Hyperledger projects not be a series of one-vendor projects, but that each reflects a diverse set of contributors.  What we would love to see, I think, is a set of committers from more companies than just OnChain.  They don't have to be Hyperledger supporting companies, but they should indicate an interest in contributing to the development process once it is accepted as a Hyperledger project.  Can you find other developers, in China or outside of China, willing to contribute?  To the rest of the TSC: we probably want to add language in the future to the project proposal template that asks for a list of boostrapping contributors that will represent diverse interests.

* Commitment to eventual integration with other projects.  I think it would be important to see a level of interest or commitment to integrating the unique pieces of the project being proposed with pre-existing Hyperledger projects, so that both projects can benefit.  For example, could "dBFT" be implemented as a Fabric pluggable consensus mechanism?

Thoughts from others?  Don't be shy; this is exactly the kind of discussion that can help define who we are and what we want to be.

Thanks again, Erik and OnChain,


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Hi Tamas,


There are many differences between AntShares and Bitcoin, such as cryptography, consensus, smart contract and so on.


The code of dBFT algorithm can be found here:


Here are some introductions to AntShares:


Antshares is a decentralized and distributed network protocol which is based on blockchain technology. People can use it to digitalize assets or shares, and accomplish some financial business through peer-to-peer network such as registration and issuing, make transactions, settlement and payment.


Antshares use electronic certificate to record digital assets. This certificate as common underlying data can be used to record all kinds of rights such as shares, options, debts, bonus points, fund portions, warehouse receipts, and receivables. It can be applied in equity-based crowdfunding, P2P lending, bonus point system, private funds, supply chain finance and other fields.


The translations of website, white paper and the code comments are in progress, and will be completed in few weeks.


But we hope that our proposal will continue to be accepted or processed, rather then wait for the translations.




Erik Zhang





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Hi LI,
I can not read the website, the white paper and the code comments, therefore my insight is rather limited.
A quick scan through the C# code makes me think, that this is much like Bitcoin with native assets.
Do you have a writeup of the BFT algorithm?
Digital Asset
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One revision: the project github link is
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主题: Project Proposal - Onchain Antshares
Dear TSC Members,
We are Hyperledger member “Onchain”,  we are planning to contribute our open source blockchain Distributed Ledger project (called “Antshares”) to “Hyperledger Project Respository”.
The Antshares Distributed Ledger has several compelling features:
l  New Cryptography: Implementing (development ongoing) China's compulsory cryptography scheme SM2 and SM3, the equivalent to ECDSA and SHA256.
Publick-key cryptography schemes are also abstracted as op_code (chaincode). Therefore different publick-key cryptography scheme can co-exist in a same blockchain.
l  New Consensus Algorithm: Pluggable consensus module include a new variant of BFT: dBFT (delegated Byzantine Fault Tolerance).
l  Voting: dBFT introduced an on-chain voting process to dynamically vote in/out validators,
make it possible to be used as a universal consensus mechanism for public/permissionless and private/permissioned circumstances.
l  Strong Chinese Community: China’s first open source Distributed Ledger Project since 2014 with strong developers and community support.
l  VM-based Smart Contract: Virtual Machine written from scratch to run stack-based op_code which is widely used by many cryptocurrencyies.
A javascript-to-op_code complier is in the pipeline.
We have prepared the project proposal (follow the Hyperledger Project Proposal Template and in attachment).
Antshares project current Github link: , If you need any more additional materials , please let us know.
We are looking forward to being project in Hyperledger respository soon, and Onchain team with China’s partners hope to contribute more to Hyperledger projects and community.
Thanks in advance for your time and effort.
LI Jun
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