Re: Hyperledger taxonomy and revised greenhouse graphic for review

Dave Cecchi

I won't speak for others, but I wasn't advocating for explicitly showing dependencies.  Moreso just that it's a logical stack in some senses.  

My point is just like "Functional Capability" driven frameworks (Aries, Grid, Indy) sit on top of "Ledger Implementations", which in turn use "Common Libraries".  "Developer Tools" can be used to build/test other "Functional Capabilities".  Maybe Quilt sits above it all??)  Even if this stuff doesn't [yet] interoperate very well, a coherent visual / mental model on "how it all maybe kinda could" or even just "this thing is lower level than these other things" seems worthy of consideration.  

Also - and I get I probably don't understand the audience this is really intending to reach/educate/inform - but NASCAR'ing up the greenhouse feels like it runs the risk of overwhelming the casual Enterprise info-seeker.  I'm a huge fan of Transact, but at some point it may make sense not to include low level library components on primary diagrams?

Still at 2-cents.


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