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I think this is a great idea.  We have forgotten and/or reinvented so many things over the years, and good documentation would help us keep track of policy, as well as help newcomers unused to the TSC workflow.


I don’t know what the exact best way for this to happen is—as Shawn mentions, all of the projects that used the Rust template have tweaked it, sometimes substantially.  But I think something like this would help us from making mistakes related to lack of information on previous TSC decisions.  I’d support such a task force.





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As a project maintainer and part of the Hyperledger community, it is difficult to track what past decisions (especially related to policy) have been made by the TSC. The quality of proposals going to the TSC also seem to vary quite a bit, as does the amount of discussion about them.

In several of the projects, we have adopted an RFC process based on the one used for Rust (why invent a new one, if there is already a great one) - Each project has adjusted it to its own needs.

Proposals like those coming out of the lifecycle and CI/CD discussions could be captured in this manner. Something like - It's a really nice format, with sections to capture drawbacks, rationale, and alternatives -- which leads to a more informed decision.

Would the TSC be open to adopting something like this?

If so, could we form a task force to put together a solid proposal for it? (Yes, I'm volunteering.)




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