Hyperledger taxonomy and revised greenhouse graphic for review

Brian Behlendorf

Dear TSC and others,

With the recent growth in the Hyperledger greenhouse, and continued expansion anticipated for the foreseeable future, it's time for an update to our greenhouse graphic and related project taxonomy. I requested the help of the LF Staff and Marketing Committe Chairs and they came back with two graphics that accommodate the following needed improvements: 
  • Updated the taxonomy for clarity and precision. Projects will now be classified as frameworks, components, templates and tools instead of just frameworks and tools.  We made a guess as to where each project would like to be, realizing the boundaries can be fuzzy.  If you feel they should be grouped differently let's discuss that, but we can accommodate some movement within the layout. 
  • We placed in some blank generic logos to accommodate anticipated expansion.  When we publish this formally we will remove the generic logos; it's merely intended to show where we'd expand.
  • Illustrate a broader view of the various ways to participate in the greenhouse by including a sort of foundation floor in this greenhouse to include Labs, as well as a community section including WGs, SIGs, Meetups and HGF.  If this results in a graphic that's too tall or busy for, say, a slide in a presentation slide deck, this section can be moved to its own slide, which is why we show it with and without.  It's anticipated that we'd make each of the individual components here look better before final push, perhaps by coming up with logos for each or at least different colors.
  • Emphasize the frameworks, as they are likely the first projects we want people new to HL to know about, and they pull together many of the other pieces as components.  We still need better taglines for each framework but those can be improved over time.
  • We removed the taglines for the other projects for visual simplicity; perhaps on the website when showing this graphic we can have a roll-over that shows more depth on each project before shooting you over to the project's particular home page.
  • Remove the greyed out other LF projects and "Community Stewardship and Technical, Legal, Marketing, Organizational Infrastructure" copy to avoid this looking like a sea of small print as the greenhouse grows.
Please see the revised graphics below.  We invite you to share your comments on this thread or on the call Thursday, and either then or in the near future a vote reflecting the TSC's acceptance.



I didn't turn this into a Wiki page just yet as I didn't want anyone to be confused that this was anything other than a draft, but if I'm being too cautious on that front and someone else fels it would be useful to do that, feel free.

We'll look at checking in the source materials for this chart and the logo into the wiki or GH repo.



Brian Behlendorf
Executive Director, Hyperledger
Twitter: @brianbehlendorf

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