Re: Hyperledger project naming guidelines - draft for discussion

Brian Behlendorf

Ah, I didn't mean to ignore:

On 6/6/19 6:48 AM, Shawn Amundson wrote:
Who are the current members of the MC?

They're not listed publicly, but they are representatives from our Premier Members, and their calls & discussion list are open to PR contacts at all General Members.  It's defined in Section 5 of the Hyperledger Charter.  Led by Dan O'Prey from Digital Asset and Alissa Worley from Accenture.  It's how we coordinate with members on getting our collective word out about the projects and activities at HL.   They don't have any perogative or control over what goes on in the technical side of Hyperledger, but we thought they might be helpful in thinking about naming guidelines.


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