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While transcribing the notes from the 5/9 TSC call, there's a point where Shawn Amundson says they'd like a way to aggregate all of the JIRA tasks that their team members are working on. Right now we can already embed JIRA search results on Confluence pages. So my solution to Shawn was to use the JIRA embed plus the "include page" macro to create custom dashboards in Confluence.

I built something similar last week. I organized all of the audit results data on our wiki by creating two pages in each project, one called "Audits" and another called "Repos". The Audits page in each project includes links to the audit results as well as an embedded JIRA search showing the JIRA bugs for fixing the licensing audit issues found. The Repos page just includes a list of the git repos for the given project.  Here are the Audits and Repo pages for Sawtooth as an example:

I then created a single Project Audits page under the top-level Projects heading that aggregates all of the project pages into a single page using the "include page" macro:

This technique could be used by each wiki user to create a dashboard in their personal space that aggregates their assigned JIRA tasks for multiple projects and other kids of things. Then each project could aggregate the dashboards of each project member. All of this we can do right now and with the new contractor coming on board, I'm sure it will get even better.

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