Re: Add VRF(Verifiable Random Functions) Into Ordering Service to Support Large-scale COnsensus NetWork

Brian Behlendorf

Further to the other supportive comments:

* The Fabric developer mailing list, and or the chat channel, may be a better place to continue the technical side of this discussion, as it's really up to them what gets integrated directly into Fabric.  TSC is more of a cross-community technical discussion list.  I would bet there's interest in a Sawtooth consensus plugin as well, though, so it's not bad that you asked this here, though a consensus engine would work differently there.

* If your question is less about the technical side of how to build it (or whether it's a good idea) and more about getting it into Hyperledger, you could offer this kind of thing to the Hyperledger Fabric project directly as a PR on Gerrit (what Fabric uses instead of Github) or you could host it as a separate consensus engine under Hyperledger Labs.  That may be obvious but I'm not sure how well you know the community so thought it was worth stating.

* If your intent is to offer it as a contribution of code into Hyperledger (whether into Fabric directly or as an add-on hosted at Labs, etc) then you may want to make sure that there aren't obvious patents that apply to VRF, or if there are, that the patent holders have granted a license to you or to the public in general for open source implementations.  We want to avoid the situation where code that clearly implements a patented algorithm is embedded into Fabric or other open source code, and then a patent holder comes around later to Hyperledger or to end users demanding a license for that use.



On 5/7/19 12:43 PM, VIPIN BHARATHAN wrote:
Hello Zhangjiong Xuan,
Sounds great. A faster version of consensus in the form of a VRF implementation. There may be some challenges with the structure and functions of nodes in HLF. I am sure you will overcome those. Ever since VRF was opensourced at the end of 2018 I had expected a group like yours to take on the challenge.


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My name is Zhangjiong Xuan. I come from Hangzhou Qulian Technology Co., Ltd. We have a team to research Algorand and VRF Algorithm. Now we have implement the VRF Algorithm in the Golang. And we think there is a good scenario in the Hyperledger Fabric. So we want to ask the communitty if it’s a good Idea to use VRF Algorithm into Ordering Service, to do a feature in the Ordering Service. I hope TSC group can have a discussion whether will receive this proposal. If both of you think it's a good idea .Maybe we can have a try to do this job .And make a more detailed design in the google docs.



Google doc:

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