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I attended the Internet Identity Workshop last week and decided to organize sessions on a solution to the DCO problem that I've been chewing on for more than a year now. I proposed sessions to work out a Git DID method spec and all of the details around it. For those of you not familiar with what I'm talking about, you've got a lot of reading :) DID primer DID spec DID method registry Understanding DIDs

The short cut explanation is that this is an effort to teach Git how to understand digital signatures on commits made by self-sovereign identities and how to store those identities in the repo itself. Another aspect of this is how to encode governance rules (think: transaction validation/"smart contracts") into a Git repo to enforce legal (e.g. DCO) and governance (e.g. 2+2 sign-offs) rules so that we can have air-tight compliance.

The proposal generated a lot of attention and support and the effort has moved to github repos and a mailing list to keep the momentum. Since this doesn't fit neatly under the HL banner--is more systemic in nature--I haven't tried to set up a lab or anything, but I do want you to all be aware of it. All are welcome and I invite you to take a look and help. Currently the spec writing repo is here: and the mailing list is here:

I am planning on presenting this work at the next appropriate HL get-together and talk about how the HL community can use this to meet DCO and other governance requirements better.

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