Hyperledger Aries

Nathan George <nathan.george@...>

As heard today's TSC call, the Hyperledger Aries project proposal is up on the Hyperledger wiki here: https://wiki.hyperledger.org/display/HYP/Hyperledger+Aries+Proposal

We have been discussing launching this as a project since the hackfest in Montreal last October.  Since then the Indy community has been able to build an active community of contributors working on protocol standardization for the peer-to-peer information exchange described in the proposal.  We have been waiting for a release of Ursa to avoid having too many moving project components at the same time.  With Ursa 0.1.1 underway it is time to undertake this next phase in development.

We have many interested parties participating in the Internet Identity Workshop in Mountain View next. week, and are very eager for your feedback and approval to help socialize the new project and recruit contributors beyond those already participating at Hyperledger.


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