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One of the things that has worked well in the past is getting everyone on the wiki.  Not just Async but also on the live meetings.

You can concurrently edit with up to 12 people.  So maybe not everyone but close for most meetings.  And I believe Vipin is experimenting with Time zones.  So if both groups are literally on the same page... that can help. 

Though yes - you will have to configure your notifications in Confluence properly - lest your inbox gets flooded.


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Thanks for the feedback. This is a topic that Ry and I are on the hook to bring up to the TSC so its a good starting point. Lets continue to roll here and hopefully more people on this list will jump in!

Many of the WG meetings are based on times convenient to the US, being able to hold meetings at different times should help ease the barrier to participation.  Vipin ( The Trail Blazer ) is trying this with the Identity WG. This is a strategy that has worked well in other organizations. However in many of those situations, you needed to attend meetings in order to retain voting rights. We can't really do that in most of our WGs as they are mostly volunteer efforts.

I think that another way to address things from your list would be to hold less meetings and do more work via the mailing lists. This allows more people to participate at "convenient" times. Although it won't solve the language barrier for all, written language may be more enticing then spoken language (please correct me if I am wrong on this one) for some people,  The drawback with email is things move slower then a verbal meeting. People still need to know how to get plugged into the WG.

As far as getting information out there, I know I send the PSWG agenda to the pswg mailing list. If you aren't on that list you don't get the reminder / agenda.   I have not yet learned Confluence so the PSWG section of the wiki is less than ideal.

In general ,the main information model for Hyperledger seems to be a "pull" model. You need to know what mailing lists to sign up for, or you need to follow the wiki for changes. Perhaps there should be a periodic (monthly?) email to the "main" member list reminding people of the SIGS and WG and the meeting times. Also, the calendar on the old wiki had a way to plug in your timezone and see the calendar in "local" time.  Can that be added to the confluence calendar ?

I think that the working groups need to make sure that they are somewhat aligned to projects. The PSWG is aligned with Caliper but we should be doing more to align with the other frameworks and libraries. iirc, at least Fabric, Sawtooth, and Ursa have spent time on performance tests w/o any real interaction with the PSWG. Hopefully the PSWG can get to a point where we can be useful to the projects.

So a bit longer then I intended, hopefully you are still here. Lets use this as a starting point for discussions. What do others think ?



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Dear all

At last week's TSC call, Vipin raised the questions on how to encourage more people to attend working group meetings (especially those from Asia).

Here are some feedbacks collected at the TWGC meeting.

Items that may block the attending:

* Do not see the information (We can consider to promote every WG and meeting information more);
* The time is inconvenient (Seems difficult to coordinate, e.g., some prefer working time, others prefer weekends);
* Do not know what to say (Attending would be a good start);
* Language problem (No quick ideas).

Besides, it is reported sometimes accessing rocketchat has issues.
Best wishes!

Baohua Yang

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Silona Bonewald
VP of Community Architecture, Hyperledger
Mobile/Text: 512.750.9220
The Linux Foundation

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