Seeking volunteers for the CI/CD Committee

Dave Huseby <dhuseby@...>


In light of this morning's TSC call, I would like to extend the invitation to everybody to join the CI/CD committee. If you would like to join, just reply to this email or email me at dhuseby at and I will add you to the list.

Q: What is the CI/CD committee and what are we trying to accomplish?

A: The CI/CD committee is gathering all of the CI/CD requirements for the HL projects and creating a recommendation for a solution that meets everybody's requirements so that we can unify and streamline the CI/CD system HL projects use.

Q: What is expected of the committee members?

A: We meet weekly on Fridays to give updates and discuss next steps. We will be studying each team's CI/CD setup and working with the teams to get requirements they must have and features/capabilities they would like to have. In the end we'll be writing a document that outlines the common requirements and themes and then make recommendations for a possible solution by the end of June.

David Huseby
Security Maven, Hyperledger
The Linux Foundation

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