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Brian Behlendorf

We are of course happy to see this too. I'll let Chris Clason or Dan O'Prey chime in if they want to answer your question, but they know the pathway in is through a project proposal to the TSC, and that the TSC has in the past expressed a preference for proposals where the code is already open sourced, so it can be more easily reviewed and vetted for license compliance and other atttributes.


On 4/4/19 9:10 AM, Vipin Bharathan wrote:
Hi all,

Now that DA has open sourced DAML under Apache 2.0, will we see a natural way back into HL codebase for DA? We did start HL hackathon by putting together the front end of DA with Open Blockchain. The name Hyperledger was also donated by DA.  Of course kudos to DA & Dan O'Prey for this effort and of course continuing to lead the HL Marketing committee. Open sourcing of DAML will close the circle and bring a valuable tool that can be integrated into any of the DLTs in HL.

Great news, 

Brian Behlendorf
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