Re: [Hyperledger Indy] Moving Indy from incubation to active status.

Rich Zhao <zhao.zhenhua@...>

This is great news!

On Wed, Mar 27, 2019 at 1:54 PM Nathan George <> wrote:
I am pleased to announce that last week Hyperledger Indy finished the last outstanding CII badge requirement, and with that last hurdle cleared, we believe the project is ready to move from incubating to active status and would like to put it before the Hyperledger TSC for a vote.  As you might remember, Indy was the admitted just prior to Fabric's 1.0 release with the unusual circumstance of having already released its 1.0 in 2016.  Indy-SDK stable release is now at 1.8, and the ledger code is currently at 1.6, with new updates coming soon and a 2.0 release of the SDK planned for later this summer.

More information about status readiness can be found on our incubation graduation notes page (now located on the wiki) here:

When the Sovrin Foundation moved its identity code-base to Hyperledger just over two years ago the project was primarily sponsored by Evernym, where I was employed.  Since then I was hired away from Evernym to work for the Sovrin Foundation, where we facilitate vendor-neutral open standards to make self-sovereign identity available around the world.  And while Evernym continues to be the largest contributor to the open source system, we have been joined by developers from many additional organizations.  The Hyperledger Indy project now boasts over 150 contributors all time with over 40 active contributors having merged code over the last three months.  Including the related sovrin-foundation, BCGov and streetcred-id repositories, our OpenSSI code bases have passed 200 unique github (code and specification) contributors, with many more volunteers working on policy, governance and other adoption initiatives.  We are very grateful to the community for their contributions and the progress it continues to enable.

-Nathan George
Hyperledger Indy Maintainer

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