Re: Some thoughts on the future of the PSWG

Michael Schloh von Bennewitz <hyperledger@...>

Hello Silona,

On lun., mars 18, 2019, Silona Bonewald wrote:
The Technical Working Group China participated in the HKBootcamp and was
highly visible. I think it is a good idea for other working groups to
think about how to recruit and engage more with the community thru events
like Bootcamps etc.
This probably deserves an official announcement, but any
Hyperledger activity in or near China should please consider:

Defcon China 1.0
Beijing 31 May - 2 June
Bits and Blocks Village
Blockchain learning and hacking
Partnered with Baidu Security!

We are forming the staff to plan the village right now, and I hope
very much that Hyperledger plays an important role in outreach.

We may have a blockchain challenge or hackathon, or
t may be a bootcamp. It's too early to know for sure.


What other paths to recruitment should we explore?
The path going through the door of our Bits and Blocks village!

Anyone interested in a management role with benefits or a more
simple one like speaking or workshop instruction should please
contact me at michael@....


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