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Thanks, Brian.

+1 on speakers bureau thought. Sept 29th conflicts with SIBOS and last week, we discussed co-locating a hackathon with SIBOS as many will be going, and we did want to have one in Europe, soon (that, plus August is "right out" due to holidays).


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Hello TSC. I've started to ramp up HL's public outreach and
presence at relevant conferences, especially those where there is a
mix of technical and business attendees. There are more qualified
opportunities to speak than any one person can do, so I'd like to
share those opportunities with the community. I'm very eager to see
us as the developers represented at these conferences as
representatives of the Hyperledger community, while also recognizing
the need to represent one's own company if travelling on company
time and dime. For the time being I'm thinking that the TSC mailing
list may be the best place to forward these opportunities, and then
I can filter and forward as appropriate. Eventually I envision at
some point setting up a dedicated list and process for this.
Perhaps we can put together a sort of virtual speakers-bureau to
help us scale this, where we work on common presentation decks and
other things.

In the meantime, I'll forward relevant opportunities here. IMN
appears to be a well qualified event in NYC on Sep 28th. Here's the
draft agenda:

They expect "over 50 senior execs from the major banks confirmed
along with leading advisory, legal and technology firms" and would "love to have the technology
side of our program reinforced with the participation of the
Hyperledger Project. I am interested in your input on the
program/content and ideally having Hyperledger represented on
our speaker faculty."

Would anyone who's been actively involved in the project be
interested in this? I can support where I can, I just can't be
in NYC on that date, as I'm doing an event in Beijing. Let Ray
and I know - Ray is helping with coordinating these activities.


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