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Ry Jones

For people who are interested in CNCF services, the gatekeeper is CNCF, not Hyperledger.

Following the template, file an issue, make your case. Note it is a limited resource and priority is given to CNCF projects. I've talked to Dan Kohn a couple of times and he wants to use the resource as much as possible.


On Thu, Oct 25, 2018 at 8:28 AM Casey Kuhlman via Lists.Hyperledger.Org <> wrote:
From the burrow perspective, we'd be very interested in test networks to actually run testing in terms of performance testing, chaos testing, soak testing, long-lived network testing which a simple CI run post merge cannot really handle. 

While I think both Dan and Chris make valid points in terms of positioning the test networks as things to help users get started faster, our interest from the burrow team is less in that area and more in having an HL managed infrastructure which can help us.... test.

My point, and the reason that Silas brought this up a few months ago to the TSC is that from a testing and performance perspective I think we could do much better as a community. CCNF and the Kubernetes project have a super clean and easy to approach CI system that made it dead simple for me as a contributor when I started making contributions to helm. From my perspective we'd be very interested to see if HL could coordinate with CCNF (as Ry mentioned on RocketChat).
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