[Hyperledger Project TSC] representation policy proposal

Christopher B Ferris <chrisfer@...>

I have been negligent in getting out a proposal for a representation policy for the TSC meetings for determination of quorum.

As we previously discussed, we established the initial membership of the TSC from the set of Premier member companies. After the initial
six months, we will be having an elected TSC from amongst the set of technical contributors to the Hyperledger project(s). Hence, once we
seat an elected TSC, that membership will be accorded to the individual elected, rather than to a member company, as is the case presently.

Since most organizations that have member representation permit alternates to represent the designated individual when they are unable to attend,
I would propose that we adopt a policy that permitted a TSC member to send regrets for a given meeting and designate their alternate prior to
a TSC meeting. Once the TSC is comprised of elected individuals, this policy will be abandoned and representation will be exclusive to the elected individual. The one exception is that Project Lead representatives shall be permitted to send regrets and designate an alternate to represent their project in their absence so long as that notice is given to the chair and LF staff in advance of the meeting to which the alternate representation shall apply.



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