Concerto Schema Language and Runtime

Dan Selman

Just a heads-up (and shameless plug!) for the modularisation work we've been doing on Hyperledger Composer over the past few weeks.

We've recently published the Composer schema language and JSON serializer as a standalone npm module (completely independent of Composer/blockchain). It works in a Node.js process, or even in a browser:

I'd love to see more projects/teams using Concerto to define their schemas as this will drive interop. For example, Fabric users writing Node.js chaincode can use Concerto to serialise and validate their JSON data, generate UML documentation, or even to generate RESTful APIs using the Loopback framework.

I'd also love to see runtimes in other languages (Go/Java etc) -- if people have interest and cycles to work on that please ping me.


Dan Selman
CTO, Clause Inc.

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