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In OBC, we differentiate between privacy (your a) from confidentiality (your b) and provide both as options, depending on the requirements of the blockchain deployment.

- Binh

Fabian Schuh via hyperledger-tsc ---02/12/2016 10:56:59 AM---I agree that we need to distinguish a) identity privacy from

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I agree that we need to distinguish
a) identity privacy from
b) transaction content privacy
and it depends on the purpose of the blockchain and the kind of
transactions that you want to use on the blockchain.

For instance, if you just want to transfer a token (such as bitcoin),
you don't need to actually hide the amount of tokens transfered (even
though that would be very well possible, such that only sender and
receiver can figure out the actual amount).
But, as described in the other mail, if you want to put a decentralized
exchange or a bond market on a blockchain, you NEED to hide
prices/amounts to not be the victim of
people that misuse the information to cheat your 'orders' .. such as
short orders or loans in a bond market.

Another use case wold be health insurance. You can put your health data
in a public blockchain, but you want that only your doctors are able to
decrypt it and not everyone else.

All of what I said above is technologically feasible today.

 -- Fabian

On 02/12/2016 03:59 PM, Duc.M.Trinh@... wrote:
> Is the goal to support anonymity (from an identity perspective) or is the goal to mask the actual contents/value of your transactions?  IMO, the former is a reasonable requirement.  However, the latter seems contradictory to the original purpose of the blockchain.


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