[Hyperledger Project TSC] W3C Blockchain Workshop

Brian Behlendorf <brian@...>

Hello TSC. Chris Allen mentioned an event to me that it would be really good to have a Hyperledger presence at:


In fact, we are explicitly invited in the welcome message. Chris will be attending, as well as folks from some of our member organizations. I unfortunately have been putting together a visit to China for this date based on a prior commitment to a conference, and can't guarantee I can be there, nor can Jim Zemlin. Would anyone be interested in attending, specifically as a representative of what's going on at Hyperledger? That doesn't mean not representing your employer's views, of course; just being clear when you speak if you think there's a sharp difference between when you're speaking for your employer, or speaking as an individual involved with HL. I'd like to operate on trust that you all can do that, and happy to have a conversation just before the event to sync if you feel that's necessary. This is an exploratory, no-commitments kind of meeting, not one explicitly tied to a working group at the W3C, so it's low pressure, but still a great way to keep our efforts in sync with the rest of the blockchain world.

Let me know and I can coordinate a response to the W3C.



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