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Yes, added the distribution list.

On 19 mei 2016, at 20:44, Christopher B Ferris <chrisfer@...> wrote:

Thanks for the feedback.

did u want to share more broadly?


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Hi Christopher,

Great work !

Giving general remarks below - haven't found a good way to use the formula for this, would otherwise be happy to insert it there.

1. I suggest to explain why no cryptocurrency is introduced. Supposedly this has to do with a focus on permissioned Systems but I am not sure and since the main Blockchains have crypto currencies, I believe this major difference deserves an explanation
2. Suggesting to clarify if in principle the hyperledger could be used without identity & access management. Supposedly (I might be wrong here) this would not be the typical usage (no cryptocurrency/ different consensus mechanisms) and maybe even wouldn't make sense, unless proof of work and cryptocurrency incentives are introduced
3.Examples of suggested & compatible Consensus Mechanisms would be great and what impact they would have on necessary usage of Identity & Access Management and other areas.
4. Maybe a table listing all configurable parts and describing dependencies ( eg maybe: no consensus mechanisms used means strong Identity & access management ) could help understanding interdependencies
5.  I wonder if the section on interoperability is useful here. No doubt that's necessary but wouldn't that be a topic for a cross blockchain paper or an announced W3C blockchain standard workshop. One sentence (it's needed!) might be enough
6. Many might find that a more general discussion, but I always find useful if a Blockchain can explain where it differs from distributed & shared databases. I suppose based on configuration hyperledger could be very different or very close to a distributed databases and that is also the purpose and an advantage of this architecture.

Hope that can be helpful, happy to explain more in detail if useful

regards groet gruss


On 19 mei 2016, at 18:22, Christopher B Ferris via hyperledger-tsc <hyperledger-tsc@...> wrote:


As Dave noted on this morning's TSC call, the White paper WG has finished the first reviewable draft and is seeking comments.

I would encourage anyone interested to provide feedback via the form, and I would hope that each member of the TSC would take the time to
review and be prepared to discuss and possibly take a motion to send to the Governing Board for their review if we deem it is ready. (note, they are interested in doing so).


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