Re: How can we improve diversity in the Hyperledger technical community?

Dan O'Prey <dan@...>

Thanks for raising this issue, Bob.

On this subject, I reached out to she(256) (great name) a couple of days ago. I have not yet been able to evaluate but have seen some positive signals from those in the community on twitter, so thought worth exploring. I will report back here if there's a meaningful way Hyperledger can contribute, but if anyone in this group has experience, please do share.

On Tue, Aug 21, 2018 at 6:22 PM Bob Summerwill <bob@...> wrote:
Further to this earlier thread:

And ...
  • All 29 TSC candidates are male.
  • All 11 existing TSC members are male.
  • Of the HL governing board 20/21 are male too, with the sole exception being Blythe Masters, the Chair.
Brian said ...

Thank you for bringing this up Bob, I agree that more can be done.

We are always open to ideas for more we could be doing as Linux Foundation staff on this project.  Diversity on the 10 internships we funded this cycle is greater than the below (I believe it's 3 out of the 10 but need to check).  We have provided support for a number of diversity-focused blockchain events and general computer industry events.  Let's start a new thread for any ideas folks might have about other approaches that can help.


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