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Is the goal to support anonymity (from an identity perspective) or is the goal to mask the actual contents/value of your transactions? IMO, the former is a reasonable requirement. However, the latter seems contradictory to the original purpose of the blockchain.

Duc M. Trinh @ Wells Fargo

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I think privacy is an integral part of blockchains.

If you consider integrating a Bond Market into a blockchain (which you technically could do), then Privacy evolves into a requirement.
Otherwise you could
profit from force liquidate other positions.
It's like playing poker on a blockchain (which you could also technically do) .. but if you know your enemies hands .. well .. you shouldn't "play".

In short, Privacy (by what every technological means) is VERY important for any future blockchain!

-- Fabian

On 02/12/2016 09:43 AM, Ghassan Karame via hyperledger-tsc wrote:
Indeed, the fact that the ledger is open should not prevent the
integration of privacy-preservation mechanisms. In most use cases, the
lack of privacy would constitute a show-stopper to adoption.


Please excuse the brevity. Sent from my phone.

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I think privacy is a key point to be included if we are thinking in a
"business ready" system, sometimes by law or by others actors I think
privacy mandatory to be considered in this project.



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I don't think we have to consider privacy in an open ledger system.
In an open ledger system all information is open. By definition. So
there is no private information. If somebody wants to keep
information private, he is not supposed to put the information into
the system the first place.

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Hi all.

Thanks for the email, it is very useful for all of us who could not
attend the complete meeting (or attend at all).

One doubt/comment about the evaluation criteria. Is privacy being
considered as part of the security criteria (or any other criteria,
although I'd say that it fits better in security, if any) or not at all?

If not being considered either explicitly nor implicitly, I'll give
it a thought. A system may be really secure (in terms of
confidentiality (!= privacy), integrity, availability and so on)
against any kind of considered attacker, but still lack privacy.

In the concrete context of blockchain, as in most other contexts, a
proposal may be privacy-respectful depending on the use case For
instance, private "enough" for conventional value transactions, but
not private enough for managing information storage.



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*Hyperledger Project*

Technical Steering Committee (TSC) Meeting

February 11, 2016 (7:00am - 8:30am PT)

via GoToMeeting

*TSC Members*

Emmanuel Viale



Kireeti Reddy

CME Group


Shaul Kfir



Stefan Teis

Deutsche Boerse Group


Pardha Vishnumolakala



Kei Taniuchi






Chris Ferris



Mic Bowman



David Voell

J.P. Morgan


Richard G. Brown



More information on the TSC Members can be found at

*TSC Chair Elections*

·Note: if you are a Premier member and have not yet notified
<mailto:tbenzies@...> of your TSC representative,
please do so ASAP.

·Process for electing a TSC Chair (from the 11 TSC members)

o*Begin nomination period:*Today, Feb 11th, nominations includes
a short bio/pitch less than 1 page

o*End nomination period:*9pm Pacific Time on Wednesday, Feb 17th

o*Send slate of respective nominees to TSC Members:*Thursday, Feb

o*Send TSC members the ballot link to electronic
voting:*Thursday, Feb 18th using Condorcet voting
( <>)

o*Voting period ends:*Tuesday, Feb 23rd at 9pm Pacific Time

o*Election winners announced:*Wednesday, Feb 24th

·The TSC operates in the open (open calls, public list)

·Startup Period: During the first six (6) months after project
launch, the TSC voting members shall consist of one (1) appointed
representative from each Premier Member and each Top Level
Project Maintainer, provided that no company (including related
companies or affiliates under common control) shall have more
than three (3) votes on the TSC.

·Steady State: After the Startup Period, there shall be a
nomination and election period for electing Contributors or
Maintainers to the TSC. The TSC voting members shall consist of
eleven (11) elected Contributors or Maintainers chosen by the
Active Contributors. An Active Contributor is defined as any
Contributor who has had a contribution accepted into the codebase
during the prior twelve (12) months. The TSC shall approve the
process and timing for nominations and elections held on an
annual basis.


·IRC: #hyperledger on <> (has

·Public lists:

<> (it was noted that it is
possible to bridge IRC w/ Slack)

·Wiki would be useful -- Linux Foundation to set up

*Meeting Cadence*

·Consensus: [weekly] Thursdays, 7:00am - 8:30am PT

oEvaluate after 1 month if any changes to cadence or timing are


·Discussion on where and how to land code -- getting proposed
code into public review.

·Should code under review remain on
<> or be moved to the
formal org

oConsensus: use
<>, companies with proposed code
can point to their repos from the readme, and note whether those
linked repos are either “snapshot” or “ongoing development”

*Template for Proposal Evaluation*

·Stefan Buhrmester and Vipin Bharathan have volunteered to help
edit an initial template for TSC review

*Proposals for Common Starting Points*

·Previous discussion




oCryptographic libraries

oMember services

·Consensus: start lower down the stack where people are much
closer in agreement, and then slowly work up the stack.

·Needed: create a github markdown doc for documenting use cases

*Agenda Draft for 2/18 TSC Meeting*

·Discussion on basic use cases to address

·High-level thoughts on how proposed contributions could be

·Walk-through of project proposal template (Stefan Buhrmester and
Vipin Bharathan)

*Previous Discussions from Formation Meetings*

·Evaluation Criteria





oDeployment Environment


oChange Management


·Functional Requirements

oContract Execution Environment


oBlock of Transactions



oAuthentication & Entitlements

oReference Data

On Wed, Feb 10, 2016 at 2:56 PM, Michael Dolan
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Welcome to the (now official) Hyperledger Community. Thank you to
everyone who helped with the launch of the project and getting
everything lined up for a very strong start.

We have a technical community call scheduled for Thursday at 10am
Eastern Time. The GoToMeeting details are below. Our apologies
for last week’s disruption with the 25 person limit. We have
fixed that issue and now have a 100 person capacity. I’m also
copying both the TSC and the technical-discuss mailing lists. In
the future, we will just use the TSC mailing list for TSC
meetings. However, I didn’t want to miss anyone this first week,
so I’ve copied both lists. If you have not signed up for any
mailing lists, you will want to do so here:

I look forward to our discussion tomorrow.

— Mike

*Proposed Agenda*

I’ll propose the agenda below for tomorrow, if you have other
thoughts / comments, please let me know.

1. Process for electing a TSC Chair (10 mins). Also, if you are
a Premier member and have not yet notified Todd (CC’d) of
your TSC Chair representative, please do so ASAP. We will
distribute a list of the TSC reps to the TSC when we have
everyone identified.
2. Discussion of tools/services that would be helpful to the
community. We have setup IRC: #hyperledger on freenode with
Meetbot. We have the mailing lists. Does the TSC want to see
anything else? E.g. Slack? A wiki such as shared wiki or
setup <>?
3. Future meeting day/times? Do we use this time slot for the
TSC going forward or does the TSC prefer a different cadence
and/or time or day?
4. Discuss where/how to land code. Common question we’re getting
is “where is the code?” Need to discuss how to get proposed
code into public review.
5. Discuss process for getting to a code starting point.
Proposal template for evaluation?
6. Discuss proposals for the common starting points

* Networking
* Storage
* Cryptographic libraries
* Member services

*1. Proposed TSC Chair Election Process*

* Begin nomination period: Thursday, Feb 11th, nominations
includes a short bio/pitch less than 1 page
* End nomination period: 9pm Pacific Time on Wednesday, Feb 17th
* Send slate of respective nominees
to Silver Members: Thursday, Feb 18th
* Send TSC members the ballot link to electronic
voting: Thursday, Feb 18th using Condorcet voting
( <>)
* Voting period ends: Tuesday, Feb 23rd at 9pm Pacific Time
* Election winners announced: Wednesday, Feb 24th

*GoToMeeting Instructions*


You can also dial in using your phone.

United States (toll-free): 1 877 309 2070

United States: +1 (312) 757-3119

Access Code: 613-310-429


*Todd Benzies*

Senior Program Manager

The Linux Foundation
+1 (415) 412-0310 <tel:%2B1%20%28415%29%20412-0310> (m)


Skype: tbenzies

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