Identity WG sections

Vipin Bharathan

Hi all,
Please look at sections below.
Some work has been done in each, but we need volunteers to work on sections, feedback on this outline is welcome and concrete suggestions. Below, we have current status, work to be done and feedback received so far.

Each Section to be approximately 200-500 words
Sections of the Identity WG document:
1. Introduction- pretty complete
2. Use Cases
3. PKI
4. Central authority –Or Federated Identity
5. X.500 & LDAP Systems
6. Self-Sovereignty
7. DiDs
8. Standards: OAuth, UMA, OpenID
9. Interoperability
10. Identity Models in Hyperledger DLTs
a. Indy
b. Sawtooth
c. Fabric
d. Burrow
e. Quilt
f. Iroha
11. Interface for an Identity Utility:
12. Proposal & Project Plan for an implementation:
13. References:
14. Contributors:
What has been accomplished since last meeting!
1. Create sections 
What needs to be accomplished!
1. Cleanup of the Paper (move out comments and unfinished segments into a separate doc)
2. Volunteers and due dates for the sections.
3. Suggestions from community- before next meeting and ongoing- how to monitor status etc.
4. Sections – Put in some meat and a rough status 
5. Further breakdown of sections 
6. Created a comprehensive Reference section

Some of the Dimensions of Identity to be filled out in the sections below 
Threat Surfaces & Threat Models
Lifecycle of Identity in the Blockchain-Portability, Recoverability, Reissuance, Revocability 
Trusted Execution Environments (TEEs) and provability
Anonymity and Privacy including unlinkability.
Reputation, Personas, Delegation to proxies 
Multi-Factor-Biometrics, other methods
Regulations and Identity (European regulations/others)- eIDAs, PSD II, GDPR, MiFID, MAS etc.
Legal implications (Digital Signatures)

Feedback so far:
Looks too comprehensive, so need to boil it down and address details in sub-documents or documents that are linked
Use more of a use case approach to discuss how threat models or scenarios can be dealt with in lifecycle, regulations etc. This might provide more of an intro to non-technical people.

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