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Chris, thanks for the clarification on licensing. That does sound usefully different. Likewise, Arnaud, thanks for those clarifications on intent.

Brian further began to distinguish between the incubation path and labs. I think this is important.


This is a good read to see how Apache structured their labs


I haven’t come across how they manage branding yet, but the labs page itself is a bit buried on the content.

There is verbiage in there about mechanisms to avoid having a lab circumvent incubation process.





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Hello all,


I support the concept of the Labs for the following reasons:


We are an umbrella organisation to shelter developments that are Open Source dealing with Blockchain. 


Of course the developments have to adopt some basic governance like licensing, scope(Blockchain related) and clean and open code development. 


Labs is a great way to enforce these basic rules and not put a huge gating process for adoption under the HL umbrella.


This allows for true experimentation, and more viable projects to arise out of this environment. We should not be standing in the way of this environment; nothing should be done to discourage doers and volunteers. 


If they want to get to incubation; they will have to go through the same process as others, but they will be ready having passed through the initial process and having worked with the Lab maintainers on an ongoing basis. 





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That feels like a different conceptualization of this, as Labs is allowed to be a home for projects that aren't intended to go through the formal path to becoming a regular project, whereas projects in Incubation really should be. Which reminds me....


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How about adding one more state in Project Lifecycle, and have it called “Inception”?

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To the question of "how is this not just github"? I think that the reasonable distinction is that the governance of Hyperledger Labs follows the IP requirements of Hyperledger (ASL2.0 and CCBY4.0) and enforcement by GitHub's DCOBOT and that they are also bound by our code of conduct. They also can leverage the chat and email resources (optionally) which brings them into the "community".


Yes, you *could* do that on GH, but for these projects we put in place maintainers (of the whole labs) to monitor and ensure the rules are being followed, etc.


As to who makes the decision of "appropriateness" it would be the project (the labs project) maintainers, yes. I suppose we could add the obvious that the maintainers could defer any marginal cases to the TSC.




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This looks great! Thanks for putting together the proposal!


Two questions… First, is there an expectation that a project proceed to incubation (or “die”)? That is… do you expect projects that have active maintainers to be able to operate in the labs indefinitely?


Second, how do you determine “appropriateness”? Per Dan’s question about “what’s the difference between HL Labs and github?”, it would probably be unreasonable for a new HL Labs project to use the HL Labs brand for a project that has nothing to do with blockchains or HL. Who makes that decision? The project maintainers?





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At the Lisbon Hackfest, a few of us (Chris Ferris, Brian Behlendorf, Arnaud Le Hors) wrote a proposal for Hyperledger Labs. You can find the proposal here: We would like to receive some feedback on this proposal and discuss at an upcoming TSC meeting. In addition, we are looking for volunteers who wish to act as maintainers for the Hyperledger Labs GitHub organization.



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