[Hyperledger Project TSC] Fwd: Hyperledger Whitepaper

Vipin Bharathan

Kudos to the whitepaper working group. I have a few comments… Apologies that it is so delayed.



Although the impulse to anchor DLT in familiar concepts is understandable; the comparison to databases can cause problems, I believe we can get around this:

·         We should explicitly mention our debt to Satoshi (whoever that may be) in the introduction and that the concept of Blockchain although not explicitly worded as such was seen first in the paper[Nak08]. This was an attempt to create an electronic payment system, protected by  cryptography and a mechanism to prevent double spend.

·         From open to federated, smart contracts were inherently part of the system due to the validation of the “spend”- they are almost mentioned as an afterthought as “business logic”.


Use Cases:

This section should be expanded, one of the fundamental use cases of asset issuance is missing.  There are other use cases that could be included.


All the DLTs should be covered:

I agree with Arnaud that the Iroha section could be expanded, and that we need a focus on QuiLT as a possible mechanism for interoperability/state channel implementation.



I understand the reason why the paper should be released soon even without changes; is there a way to project this as a living document? And a pathway to release future versions in a controlled manner.



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