[Hyperledger Project TSC] Identity WG call today (Sept 20th)

Vipin Bharathan

Hello everyone

The Identity WG Call is at 12 noon EDT today, the call is completely open, anyone can participate. 

For those enroute to Chicago, we wish them happy travels. 

Please spare a thought to the beautiful island of Domenica obliterated by Hurricane Maria and other spots either destroyed or being menaced by the train of hurricanes birthing in the eastern reaches of the Atlantic.

Optional dial in number: 401-283-2000,,,4807579435
No PIN needed 
Regional dial in numbers can be found here: https://www.uberconference.com/international
All the resources (mailing list, meeting minutes, Charter, White/Yellow paper) can be linked from 

We continue working on paper- Ideas distilled from the last few calls regarding PKI, Interface to legacy systems, DKMS (revocation), Biometric Identity are being gathered to be input into the document. All contributors should review the changes; all those who have commented on the document- we will have a future session to discuss the comments and accept, reject or modify them.


1.Location (or Jurisdiction) based regulations on Identity and their impact on the identity solutions in a global or product based Blockchain that HL incubates.
2.Drummond Reed will present on further developments in Jurisdictional convergence and differences in his travels through the systems of Estonia, Finland, Austria, the US etc. This is directly related to the item 1. above. Marco Houwen may present on this topic w.r.t Luxembourg/LuxTrust/Infrachain etc. on our next call.
3. AOB
Please attend in person if possible, suggestions and edits to the documents are always welcome.


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