Re: [Hyperledger Project TSC] Project proposal for Hyperledger Interledger-Java - an interoperability solution for blockchains, DLTs and other types of ledgers

Dan O'Prey <dan@...>

Some input from the marketing side for your consideration:

  • Agree with concerns about using trademarks not owned by HL/LF but am a fan of being as specific as possible as there may well be other interoperability style projects in the future, e.g., Lightning Network and others, so tying the name to what it is, a specific implementation of the Interledger protocol is important
  • Less important to me, and not something that we've done with other projects, is including the language in which it's written, so preference is not to include "Java" in the name. It's up to the TSC whether a C++ implementation of Interledger would be its own separate project or not, and if we arrive at that point then perhaps that's something to reconsider.
  • "Hyperledger Interledger [dot] Java" is quite a mouthful and even "Hyperledger Interledger" seems pretty redundant with the double "ledger".
  • So my suggestion would simply be "Hyperledger ILP". Short, describes what it is as "ILP" is reasonably well known acronym for the protocol it implements, and (IANAL) I believe "ILP" will be less of a trademark issue than the full "Interledger".
  • Failing that, "Hyperledger Inter" is descriptive, tied to the brand, but be less problematic.

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