[Hyperledger Project TSC] Agenda for July 27th, 2017

Todd Benzies <tbenzies@...>

  • Hackfest Planning
  • TSC Annual Election

    • FYI -- Process & Timeline
    • Note that the following was approved via email vote for inclusion in the 2017 nomination/election process:  "That in addition to collecting the GitHub/Gerrit committer data for the preceding 12 months and the list of project Maintainers for each repository, that we also include the list of WG Chairs and collect from each a list of individual "WG Contributors." There should also be a dispute resolution process where an individual who believes they should be included (but was not) can appeal to the WG Chair and Hyperledger Technical Advocate(s) with the final determination left to Hyperledger staff."
      • WG leads to send names/emails directly to Todd (tbenzies@...)
  • [VOTE] Approve PSWG Charter

Todd Benzies
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The Linux Foundation
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