Information about Telecom SIG meetings and how to add them to your calendar

David Boswell

To simplify things we've merged the main TCSIG call and the IoT sub-group call into one meeting (they were previously separate calls held on alternating Thursdays). 

We'll now meet every other Thursday at 9AM pacific and the calls will cover topics from all active work groups in one event.  If we have multiple work groups active at once we can use the Zoom break-out room feature -- that has worked well in other groups.

The next Telecom SIG call is August 13.  You can see the schedule of meetings on the TCSIG public calendar.  The calendar will also send an automatic reminder about the meetings 1 day before. The calendar is at:

You can also add these events to your calendar by using the ICS feed from the Telecom SIG calendar at:

If you have any questions about the regular TCSIG meetings or how to get these added to your calendar, please feel free to write back.