Call for content: #hyperledgeriot

David Boswell

We can talk more on the call today about this, but I wanted to share that July will be #HyperledgerIoT month from the Marketing Committee.  So if the IoT sub-group has anything they'd like to include in this month's promotions, please feel free to let us know.



The monthly editorial theme in July is Internet of Things (IoT).

What does this mean? We will be doing an extra marketing push around all things Hyperledger and IoT in July.

What can you do? Send us content to promote! The content you submit will be queued throughout the month for us to push on our social channels with the hashtag #HyperledgerIoT. We would also appreciate any engagement with our promotion once it is live. This includes retweeting, sharing and comments in support.

Examples of content you can submit to us for consideration:
  • Links to virtual events, speaking, meetups etc. around Hyperledger and IoT efforts. Please be sure to include context
  • Blogs, or articles relevant to IoT in blockchain and Hyperledger
Open to other content, if you have ideas, get in touch!

Please be sure to use #HyperledgerIoT this month on your own social channels and tag
 @Hyperledger, as appropriate. You can submit content by emailing me directly or PR@...

Thank you for your support!

Jessica Rampen
Sr. Manager of Marketing Communications