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Karl Weaver 魏卡爾


Hello Everyone from Hyperledger Telecom SIG:

I'm Karl J Weaver 魏卡爾, Global Biz Dev Director from aitos.io, we offer an SDK embedded into cellular IoT modules to allow Apps & services to directly and concurrently run on the Blockchain with trusted identity authentication and data privacy preserving computational protection.  We are a small stealth embedded software security Blockchain startup invested by WangXiang Blockchain and here to help with the integration of IoT with Blockchain because in the future to add value and monetize data, Blockchain needs to integrate with IoT modules/devices/gateways for MNOs, CLoud Service Provders and any Blockchain service integration firms.  We wish to partner with IBM Cloud Services and hope to deliver a webinar soon on our technology through this Hyperledger Telecom SIG.   Let me enclose our PPT slide deck and white paper for our "BoAT" or "Blockchain of AI Things" SDK and framework for integration.  

I am currently based out of the Seattle area, in pristine Washington State and eager to field your calls. Please feel free to reach out and also note many of our Webinars and videos can be seen on You Tube as well as "Medium", the online news media web site. 

Thank you,

Karl J. Weaver 魏卡爾
Global Biz Dev Director - (BoAT - Blockchain of AI Things)
aitos.io 摩联科技
EMail: karl.weaver@...
Mobile/WeChat/WhatsApp: +1-425-647-9315
Web: https://www.linkedin.com/company/aitos-io/
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Yes, the recording of the 5G, Edge and Blockchain talk is at:

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Is yesterday session available as recording?

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Husain, yes, I've confirmed that you have been subscribed to the list. 

For anyone who has recently joined the list, please feel free to introduce yourself and ask any questions you may have about using blockchain in telecom.


On Thu, Jun 11, 2020 at 10:21 AM Husain Baj <husainbaj@...> wrote:
Please confirm my email address and activate my membership

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