Introduction to the RAG Wangiri Blockchain and Orillion Solutions

Anthony Sani

Good day all


I’d like to introduce myself, my business and partners.


As a former Group Executive at MTN, I founded Orillion Solutions with my partner Dr Danie Maritz in April 2019, who has a strong background in innovative thinking, technology and disruption.


Orillion Solutions are a provider of innovative risk management solutions and services to the Telecommunications, Payments and Utilities sectors, which includes the use of blockchain to solve some of the risk challenges facing these industries.  Our pilot project was a collaboration with the Risk & Assurance Group, a non-profit body that has led collaboration, global events and more recently online services within the Telecoms Risk Management domain.  Eric Priezkalns, a recognized thought leader in this field is the Chief Executive of the Risk & Assurance Group, and has been the active promoter of the project and leads the now-formed consortium.


The project's aim was to deliver a trusted, secure and real-time fraud intelligence sharing infrastructure for use by telcos and partners globally in tackling fraud, the first use case of which was wangiri, or “one-cut” fraud.  We developed a prototype DLT

solution using Hyperledger Fabric framework, which was piloted in August 2019, and was intended to run for 3 months. Due to the demand from telcos and vendors, the pilot was extended until January 2020, by which time close to 30 entities were connected and sharing wangiri numbering information via the solution.


The production version was launched during February 2020, and has been well received by the industry, with over 60 telcos and vendors now connected, either connected directly, via a Fraud Management system API or through a hosted peer web interface. Significant effort and focus has been put into promoting and recruiting the consortium of peers; access and use is free to peers willing to share their data.  This has resulted in the consortium including the likes of Vodafone Group, Reliance Jio, MTN Group, iBasis/Tofane and Megafon amongst others. The peers have a cumulative subscriber base of over 1.2bn, and have shared almost a million fraudulent numbers to-date, covering 96% of countries globally.  We are planning to introduce machine learning based analytics on the data shared, tokenisation and further use cases in coming releases.


We are promoting the solution and consortium with the Federal Communications Commission in the US, in response to their invitation for solutions sought by the TRACED Act.


I have attached a short summary about the project for reference. We would be very happy to share more detail on the project, solution and the partnership and collaboration that has been critical to the success of the project. 


Best Regards

Tony Sani


Orillion Solutions

Anthony Sani | Executive Director

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