Agenda for tomorrow's Supply Chain SIG meeting: Thursday, June 6, 9am PST

Jay Chugh <jay.chugh@...>

Hi All, 

Looking forward to an interactive & productive call tomorrow. Here is the agenda. 
  • Recap from last meeting/logistics
  • Hyperledger Grid Overview by Dave Cecchi from Cargill
  • Brief Introductions from each attendee
  • Project Proposal brainstorm/team formation
If you have not done so already, please take time to browse and express your interest to one or more of the project proposals posted on wiki. If you are unable to edit the wiki, feel free to email me with your selection and I’ll update. 
Also we have a poll asking people if they’d like an alternate time for the meeting here. Currently, Thursday 9am PST seems to be the majority choice.

Please do all you can to attend and participate actively, we need you and the SIG needs your expertise. We will record the meeting and post slides online after the call if you absolutely cannot attend. 

Talk to you all tomorrow. 

Best wishes,

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