We would love to jumpstart this group. Who's in?


Hi everyone - I was looking at Hyperledger's groups, and there is some awesome collab and sharing happening!

Of all the groups, though, this is the one the world needs to hear more from. Who's in? 

By way of introduction: I'm a tech marketer and writer who produces a web3 for impact blog and writes for some web3 and tech companies.

I'm also co-founding Impactoverse, a web3 Impact ecosystem that is just getting launched. We bring together causes, companies, brands, fans, creators, and influencers to help scale beneficial impact. Our focus is EASE OF USE, and our beta launch includes and NFT / tokenization marketplace. 

I share that not to promote Impactoverse, but to let you know why I'm here. 

Many of the large-scale solutions that will make a dent in the universe require technology like Hyperledger. 

I'll reach out to admin and find out next steps for jumpstarting the group. In the meantime, please connect here and on LinkedIn.


Thank you!