Recap from our April 30th Meeting

Karen Ottoni


Hi Everyone,
Please find the notes from our last call on April 30th below and also on our wiki (where you can also find the recording if you missed it!)



  • Introductions: Who's new to the group or call? Let's get to know each other and what we're working on in the 'blockchain for impact' world
  • Debate & Discussion: Continuing from the previous call's presentation, Alissa Worley from Accenture will facilitate a conversation around Digital Identity. Key outcome: How would this community like to explore this topic further? Please be prepared with your thoughts and suggestions.
  • Survey: Review proposed questions
  • How to create an LFID and edit the Wiki
  • Miscellaneous: Share any comments, ideas, announcements, upcoming events.

Meeting Notes

  • Debate & Discussion: Continuing from the previous call's presentation, Alissa Worley from Accenture facilitated a conversation around Digital Identity. We discussed:
    • What Digital Identity is, definition, why it's important
    • Issues with incomplete identity information or access
    • Separate digital ID and land rights category
    • Combine philanthropy and aid transparency
    • Separate remittances and P2P
    • Add public health, agriculture as categories
    • Considerations (to add)
      • willingness to participate
      • stateless individuals
      • Digital identity of things
      • rights of the child
      • biometrics in the cloud–lose?
      • German law requires ID to be carried at all times, varying requirements for different jurisdictions and environments
  • Survey: We made several suggested additions:
    • Add more variety of impact roles such as: entrepreneur, founder, project manager, program manager, project director, academic, government official, regulator, data analyst
    • Add acitivties: contribute to a work product, lead a work product, happy to just listen to calls, research, liaise with Hyperledger working groups, operations management (take notes, update wiki)
  • How to create an LFID and edit the Wiki: postponed to next call


  • All: Review Survey Questions, make changes or suggest to @Caine Smith or @bobbi@... 
  • Ric Shreves & Marc Liberati: Expand on KYC/AML topic, make a slide
  • Alissa Worley: Share digital identity deck for team to review
Best wishes,

Karen L. Ottoni

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