Moving the Hyperledger Social Impact SIG to inactive status

Karen Ottoni

I wanted to send a note to the list to let everyone know that we've moved the Social Impact Special Interest Group to inactive status.  This is to let new people who come across the group understand that there aren't currently active discussions and meetings taking place.
Nothing that the group has done so far will be removed and everything is still available on this list and on the wiki.  And if there is interest in the future in reactivating the group, we can revisit the SIG's status.

Thank you to Nancy Min for chairing the SIG the last two years, we appreciate all your efforts and leadership of this SIG.
If anyone has any questions about this, feel free to respond to this post or reach out to me directly. Any other questions, please contact membership@...

Lowellyne James

Hi Karen,

I am passionate about social impact and the potential of blockchain technology to support the achievement of UN SDGs. 
I would be delighted to support efforts to reactivate this SIG.
Let me know your thoughts.
Have a great day!