Final Decision on WGs Governing Structure and Naming - Social Impact

Alissa M Worley

Hi All,

The Hyperledger team has informed us that, effective immediately, all Hyperledger Sector Working Groups (WGs), have been renamed to Sector Special Interest Groups (SIGs.) Also, all SIGs will now fall under the Hyperledger Governing Board and Hyperledger staff instead of the Hyperledger Technical Steering Committee (TSC). 

So going forward the Social Impact Working Group will be named the Social Impact Special Interest Group.

Some of you may have followed via the TSC the discussions about the change in the governance structure of the working groups, at the same time the recommendation to rename them to Special Interest Groups (SIGs) was made to be consistent with the terminology that is common in other consortia and to also differentiate them from the more technical-focused working groups at Hyperledger that report into the TSC.  

SIGs tend to be business-focused and pull in practitioners from a given domain to share and discuss what they are building, whereas a WG is technical focused and not tied to a specific sector. The anticipation is that the work products of the SIGs will continue to be diverse based on each SIG's focus and will continue to be driven by the members of the SIGs and their work products can also lead to new Hyperledger Labs or projects as proposed by the needs of the SIGs.

Each SIG will have an assigned Hyperledger Staff member who will work closely with the SIG Chair, and we are thrilled that the brilliant Karen Ottoni will be the point of contact for the Social Impact SIG.

Here are the updated links to our materials, which you can also always find on the wiki page:

We look forward to furthering the agendas of the Social Impact Special Interest Group and your continuous support. Watch for a doodle request to determine the best days for our regular connect – and then keep an eye out for our next meeting to be announced shortly!

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