AGENDA: Hyperledger Social Impact SIG @ 11AM ET

Alissa M Worley

Hi everyone!


Below is the agenda for today’s Social Impact SIG call.


  • Introductions: New Members
  • Admin and Operations:
    • New pages – Confluence introduction / New wiki
    • Call for Use Cases w/Hyperledger: We have a research inquiry for innovative use cases with Hyperledger in social impact. Karen has what some of you have worked on but not all, please send a brief description and links to kottoni@... (Speaking of it would be great if we started developing our own tracker....yes?)
  • SIG Member Presentation: Caine Smith, Co-Founder & Executive Director of the AVA Foundation will give an overview of the foundation and what its working on.
  • Events Coming Up: What blockchain events are you attending in the coming months that could be of interest to this group? Let's capture and leverage here:  
  • Opportunity Matrix: Continue working on the pages to get the landscape assessment completed. You can find the current deliverables deck here
  • Getting Involved and Building Membership: What do you think the social impact space needs to better understand or implement blockchain? What would you like to do/contribute/propose we work on together? Who would it be helpful to hear from as we continue on this journey? Thoughts on best ways to build awareness of the group?
  • Misc./Announcements: Share any comments, ideas, announcements


Looking forward to connecting!


RSI-SIG Resources

Use this link to share information on how to join and get involved in our SIG with your network. This is our collaboration space where we can all add in information related to what we're working on.

Proposed additions: make a sub-page for each section of the Opportunity Matrix, Add sub page on upcoming events/webinars etc.


  • Microsoft ID2020 Webinar (Stephen Chiu shared this)




Alissa Worley | Global Marketing Director | Blockchain & DLT

Phone: (917) 446-0814 | E-mail: alissa.worley@...









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