Recap and Meeting on Tuesday October 26th at 10am EST

Nancy Min

Hello SI-SIG community,

We have a few announcements:

Meeting Recap
First of all, thank you to Robin Klemens and Sheerwood Moore from the Climate Action SIG for introducing to the community the "Corporate Social Responsibility project" during our last call. If you missed the session, the meeting recording is available in the meeting notes: Please feel free to provide feedback and comments on the project here:

Announcing the new "Agriculture Sub-SIG"
Dr. Jubilant Kizhakkethottam and Aneena Alex from Saintgits College of Engineering will be leading an effort to form a Sub-SIG on Agriculture! The blog post announcement of the formation of the new Sub-SIG is available here for comments and feedback from the community:

Blog post live
The second installment of "Contamination, Fires, and Pollution? Oh My! Human Consumption and the Barriers to a Circular Economy (Part II) is live:

Meeting on October 26th featuring the "Giving Chain project"
Join us on October 26th at 10am EST for an overview of the Giving Chain project lead by Bobbi Mascara, Hardik Gupta, and Madhu Bhatia. The meeting agenda is available here:

Please feel free to modify the meeting agenda.


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