Helping community projects connect with potential corporates and/or organizations across the world!

Adrian Avendano

Hi everyone,

My name is Adrian founder of GST. We are a global tech community in 35+ countries and we have partnered with the Hyperledger community in the past to make connections worldwide.

I just had a chat with David Boswell, and he mentioned you guys are doing webinars for the community and present projects and/or startups relating to Social impact blockchain solutions.

Now, I’m reaching out because we are interested in helping those projects connect with the right partners in multiple new markets for the purpose of scaling up, finding sales, and distribution channels.

We do this through a matching engine by matching real-world organizational problems with solutions. We would love and get more data on those projects here. Check out this post

I would love to engage further with this group and explore collaborations if any comments please just let me know

Thanks a lot


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