Dear SIG community,

I'm Juan Torroba, project manager at Ecofintech Coop. We are a group of activists in social economy networks with more than 10 years of experience specially in Spain/Catalonia and around projects like CIC (Cooperativa Integral Catalana) and Faircoop, having already members that are cooperatives.
We focussed since some years ago in a research and development of a completly different approach, and started to discuss about a way to build a platform for social economy using blockchian technologies and learning about past mistakes from our projects and away of problems we identify in the current blockchain scene.

Yo can take a look at our website and our blog We have the project little stopped, but we still active in our Telegram groups. We have a specific grouo "Crypto-academy" for spreading ideas and study the technology, because we see important that all participants have aces to knowledge and to avoid to have a specialized core team taking decissions. That is mayeb one of the mani reasons we are stopped until we decide in which direction to continue.

Our approach for social economy would be, from Ecofintech Coop development team to form a form of DAO kind of cooperative. More interested in models like DisCO and OVNs, were we are partnered with Sensorica from Montreal. From this kind of technical team, to be able to develop what we called "Confoederatio Platform". The concept idea was presented to LEDGER Project prize, being one of the several finalist projects. You can see details here:
We have more experiments in social cryptoeconomy and token design.

And around Confoederatio we developed a "think tank" and social media group with more "oberser" participants that are folowing teh project, trying to create cohesion under some common policial ideas. We noticed that it is themain fundamentals for building any social economy project to have a common approach and aims, and our political economy affinity is being build arpund the wider ideas of mutualism, social ecology and democratic confederalism. Keeping study and discussions around a widers field of politics and economic theory.

So, this is our trajectory until now, from an specific small fintech cooperative team with a propossal for building Confoederatio Platform with a few pilot projects that are already existing producer cooperatives, (between other initiatives we have already running around open technologies); and merging with a wider community that is approaching this initiative due to political affinity of curiosity. Also in relation with different partners, but all our project at this point still on research and concept phase, and suitable to redesign and adaptation to new ideas.

At the point we are, and after a lot of research and testing of different technologies, we are arriving to Hyperledger like the most interesting technology for our purposses, instead of other options like the ones you can see in our old-dated papers (we were close to start the first prototype over RSK).
I already have a proof of concept using Hyperkedger for CES systems, that was presented for a task in the context of a university master:
There you can find a link to the video presentation and a map of social economy projects made with our colleagues of, anothe partner project.

We would like to receive feedback from your community and to build contact links, and eventually to find a way to collaborate. We have the roadmap for being able to launch before end of year a revisited design of all the concept, a simplification of the propossal and to develop the first prototype.

Kind regards and thanks for your time

Juan Torroba

Ecofintech Coop/Confoederatio

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