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Pechimuthu T


We have sawtooth network with 6 nodes.
One node is lagging by 20 blocks and that is not picking up.   when I checked the validator logs we got the following error.

What is the cause of the error ? How do we fix and bring the ledger at par with other nodes ?

[2022-07-21 06:39:10.374 INFO     processor_handlers] registered transaction processor: connection_id=73349563e20b3d9c05cbdf3e2b32ca0bd9bbefc5dc58050e201840a0268f461b5c66e6db1535144d7beea2fd749217f640243e24b9821fd8717e6418bc15126f, family=sawtooth_identity, version=1.0, namespaces=['00001d'], max_occupancy=10
[2022-07-21 06:39:11.219 INFO     handlers] Consensus engine registered: pbft 1.0 (additional protocols: [])
[2022-07-21 06:39:11.229 INFO     proxy] Consensus engine activated: pbft 1.0
[2022-07-21 06:39:11.885 ERROR    ffi] [src/state/merkle_ffi.rs: 423] Address 93b87cd7c7306e7b1673e04e74d40584003dc061f463b412e2cd6ea293d04b61, in deletions, was not found.
thread '<unnamed>' panicked at 'No method get_batch_execution_result on python scheduler: PyErr { ptype: <class 'KeyError'>, pvalue: Some(KeyError('Value was not found',)), ptraceback: Some(<traceback object at 0x7a767810d108>) }', src/scheduler/py_scheduler.rs:134:30
note: run with `RUST_BACKTRACE=1` environment variable to display a backtrace
[2022-07-21 06:39:12.124 WARNING  processor_handlers] Max occupancy was not provided by transaction processor: 6d8be966e4c3b645c6d77e7f317700ce26d9b6dc25cb1d3b38e3b34c8ad35a40b6f47b02755d991b21fffd720e77a7649db5b007e976710db56b77e5dfc22800. Using default max occupancy: 10

with regards,
T. Pechimuthu