Deletion on Blockchain & Network partitioning: Deutsche Bahn

Sviatoslav Butskyi

Dear Performance and Scale WG,


At DB Systel, the IT provider & Digital Partner of Deutsche Bahn AG, we have been actively working on two topics, that we think might be of interest to the community: Deletion on Blockchain and Network partitioning.

We have published the following papers: ;

We were not able to identify much work done on those topics and would really appreciate feedback from you.

We would be happy to present at the upcoming meetings as well as engage in a discussion on this mailing list.


Looking forward to our discussion!


Best regards,


Sviatoslav Butskyi

Blockchain and DLT Solutions (T.IVM 22XB)


DB Systel GmbH

Jürgen-Ponto-Platz 1, 60329 Frankfurt a. Main

Tel. +4915237547091


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